SchoolMaxx Voice Only.


SchoolMaxx Voice Only

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SchoolMaxx Voice Only is a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize communication in educational institutions. Through advanced voice technology, we enable seamless and efficient interactions between schools, students, parents, and staff. Our intuitive platform integrates voice commands, speech recognition, and natural language processing to streamline administrative tasks, deliver important announcements, and facilitate engaging classroom experiences. With SchoolMaxx Voice Only, communication becomes effortless, enhancing collaboration and fostering a thriving educational ecosystem.


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How simple is using our Voice SMS panel?

Using our Voice SMS panel is incredibly simple for school administrators. Schools can easily record a message or alert as a voice note and upload it to our system. 
Within a few minutes, parents will receive a phone call, and the audio message will be delivered to them through the call.
It’s a hassle-free way to communicate important information to parents in a timely manner.

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